2017 New Year & New Trends

Sheila Robertson

Posted on January 07 2017


Now that the champagne toast is over, it's time to focus on those pesky resolutions.  While we never seem to be able to stick with our health goals, (thank you very much fresh, warm, delicious cinnamon rolls!)  we always try to take it to a new level each year with our fashion.  So what's the latest for 2017?  Check out 4 trends to try this year.

1. All Hail Pink!

Pink has always been in, but this year expect to see it even more, especially in accessories.  Brands like Celine, Valentino, & Gucci had a variety of rose hues for sprint 2017 and expect to see this crowning color keep its reign for the year to come.  

2. Activist Print Chic

Say it loud and say it proud!  Slogan tops have a permanent staple in our closet.  Whether your views on politics, your disgust for people who wear fur, or simply the need to shut down haters and proclaim your love for Taco Tuesday and waking up flawless in the morning, put it on a shirt and share it with the world! 

3. Case of the New It Bag

Giant tote bags are a thing of the past.  Thanks to technology, we can carry our entire music selection, all our credit cards, and the entire catalog of YouTube cat films in one small sleek phone.  Louis Vuitton sent these cases down the runaway setting off the trend. So ditch the drag bag and pick up a sleek case or mini purse just big enough to hold your whole world aka your phone.

4. Your Ears Should Make a Statement 

The bigger the better, right ;)  Make a true statement with larger than life earrings.  With a high top knot or a sleek chignon, statement earrings make the perfect pop accessory for bold solids or can bring out the subtle colors in the perfect patterns.