Countdown to Fashion Week!

Sheila Robertson

Posted on January 08 2017


New York Fashion Week is right around the corner in early February!!!!!!!!!!! YES, we cannot contain the excitement.  As we get closer, more details will come, but expect to see the biggies, like Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, but we're also looking for those sweet surprise new talent emerge.  We also can't forget our regular staples like Macy's and JCPenney.  

Some of the trends we're expecting to see is the continuation of a cross-seasonal trend of the '70s with wider lapels, natural textures, and big statement jewelry pieces.

With the mixing of women's and men's fashion into single shows, we're expecting to see the gender fluidity spill into the fashion as well, broadening of the "ideal beauty" as the industry moves forward.    

We're happy to say we're on trend with this prediction, expect to see more plus size shows.  Fashion knows no boundaries and we're glad to see the industry finally catching up to the fierce styles we know our plus size women bring to the table.

No matter what our predictions are, one thing is certain, expect to see the unexpected.  Comment below and tell us what are some of your predictions for the trends we'll see for fashion week?