Sheila Robertson

Posted on January 13 2017

When I got my first real job I was so proud of myself.  I finished college and was making some real money.  I felt I hit a real milestone and dare I say, I deserved a fashion splurge. I spent a huge amount of money, irresponsibly compromising my rent -_- on a Marc Jacobs incredible bag.  

Sadly, someone sat on my bag and bent the hard handles.  I learned a hard lesson that day.  Can I really risk a splurge.  While I'm all for spluring, make sure it's something you can risk losing.  

I still have that bag in my closet as a heartbreaking reminder splurge away but don't be stupid.  This is why we're committed at Sheila & Chrissy to take care of the splurging sisters so sign up for our newsletter to unlock secret deals so your dollars are worth the spend.  

 Ladies can you relate to my splurge story?