TECH Fashion Week 2017

Sheila Robertson

Posted on January 16 2017

The 5th Annual TECH Fashion Week will be kicking off 2/25 with a focus on technology and innovation within the fashion industry.  This industry event features fashion tech, wearable tech, and retail tech.  

With a full schedule of events, workshops, and runway shows featuring cutting-edge fashion design and technology companies.  This year's theme is 'Digital Fashion's Coming of Age' and will showcase the evolution of the future of the fashion industry.  Come out and learn what's surprisingly changing digitally in the industry from 3D printing and its major affect on the industry, retail e-commerce (of course our favorite topic), virtual reality, connectivity demonstrating the real impact of the Internet of Things.

Don't miss this opportunity to enter the Fashion Tech eco-system.  Check out eventbrite for tickets today! 

TECH Fashion Week 2017