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Women deserve to feel amazing in every outfit, everyday. Sheila & Chrissy apparel and accessories are for the everyday woman fighting for success in work, family, and love. If you're looking for those bold statement pieces to match the bold and fearless life of a woman then stick with your girls, Sheila & Chrissy, for your everyday go-to, gotta haves! 

Yes Queens, It Girls, and Style Stunners who expect to look great with little effort and inspire individuality...shop 'til your heart's happy!


SheilaandChrissy.com is your fashion guru that will help get you from drab to fab! It is only a few extra steps to boost your ensemble and transcend you into a total diva! With a little twist, mystic , and fairy dusty in the details you can't help but stand out. Our seasonal styling tips will have you coming back to make sure you are in the latest and greatest EVERY season. Make sure to check out our featured products to for the best seasonal match-ups. 


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SEASONAL STYLING: Winter is not over yet, and we still have to stay bundled and stay cute. Remember that jumpsuits with a long trench is a great way to show off your curves while staying warm when hitting those cold downtown Chicago Streets.

TRANSITIONAL TRENDS: The perfect moto jacket can come with you to any of your travel destinations! And with the winter season blowing strong this is a necessity! Take the bold leap and get in another color outside of black. Try a seasonal color when choosing accessories to neutralize the ferocity!